2 Seasons Calendar - Forgive (Cover Artwork)

2 Seasons Calendar

Forgive (2001)


A while ago, I wrote some news on my website about how 2SC, a local punk-hardcore band from Sherbrooke, Quebec were recording for a 4 tracks demo... well here it is! I remember being surprised when I first heard the sound quality, but I guess they slightly fucked up on the master somewhere since the CD is totally not loud enough. Overall engineering needs more enveloppe. The bass is kinda bumpy at times and the guitar totally needs some more low end frequencies. But on to the good things now, the songs are awesome and that's what matters, right? 2SC play kind of a mix between Shadows Fall and the Burning Heart brand of Swedish hardcore that Quebec kids are nuts about. Doom is one hell of a drummer. Some of their riffs remind me of Econochrist, can't say why though! Anyway, I've seen them live several times and they keep on getting better, good for them! Check out this CD if you can find it somewhere... hopefully I can put some MP3s up on my site soon!