Alcoa - Thank You (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Thank You (2014)

Bridge Nine

As Defeater's Derek Archambault crowdsourced funding to tend to his health issues, Thank You emerged as one of the rewards and as the title says, as a token of appreciation for fans who stuck by and helped him through thick and thin. The last indication of his recovery pointed to greener pastures and as a fan of all his work, it was pretty awesome to dig into his solo acoustic act. Alcoa, once more. As a huge fan of Bone and Marrow, this effort sees Archambault jam out a few covers that give a warm, comfy feel and fits perfectly with the sigh of relief you're breathing when you think of how well he's recuperating.

In just five tracks, you reconnect with Archambault's vulnerable essence. He covers Make Do And Mend's "Shambles" to perfection. His voice carries on so well and trails off even better which signifies why he's the driving force behind Defeater's softer jams. It's also why Alcoa's the ideal vessel for fans like me to get more personal with him. Rough-cut drums and grainy guitars bring a garage-esque atmosphere to life, breathing further life into his words and more so, the exposure he puts forward.

"Who's Gonna Carry You Home?" (originally by Elder Brother) is another great cover of a great band. Archambault flows freely from track to track and smoothly transitions from sad stories to more upbeat, folky vibes. It's all a build to the star-crossed lovers' jam in "I Don't Mind" - one of Defeater's staples and biggest tunes to date. It's more electric acoustic but further enhances why Alcoa's reputation is one that's worthy of the praise. Archambault's so sincere and plies his trade so well on simple music. That's what this letter of gratitude is. Simplicity in two words. I can't wait for him to re-enter the studio with his band, or solo. I'll bet he's got some amazing songs to come.