Joyce Manor / Toys That Kill - Split [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Joyce Manor / Toys That Kill

Split [EP] (2014)

Recess Records

By the time you're reading this, you'll probably be familiar with how obsessed I am with Joyce Manor's Never Hungover Again. Two tracks from them combined with another power-punch from Toys That Kill is no doubt an early Christmas gift.

Joyce Manor take "See How Tame I Can Be" off their sophomore album Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired and put some speed into it. The original was a singalong (dare I say dance-y) bass-heavy slow jam but this time around it's quicker and a pop-punk riot. And as expected, it doesn't seem too generic. It's a great foil for the more guitar-centric mid-tempo banger "Bride." It dials the split back nicely and gives a nice versatile spin to a band that's grown leaps and bounds since they displayed their potential in 2011. Stoked to see them maximizing said potential.

Toys That Kill then take their indie-punk Brit-vibe to you and in quite some style. Feels like Madcap a bit but much better. Punchy melodies and shifting riffs really work well on "Times We Can't Let Go" before barreling into a quicker tempo to end. The steady, lo-fi garage sound then steps up a notch with "I Am Decided" which feels like a summer punk jam. It's made for the convertible heading to the beach. Their catchy and non-formulaic grainy style shines so well here and it begs the question once more -- when's the next full-length? We're eagerly awaiting.