Your Enemies Friends - The Wiretap (Cover Artwork)

Your Enemies Friends

The Wiretap (2002)


Wow, Buddyhead sure knows how to pick 'em: The Icarus Line, Ink & Dagger, Text, and now YOUR ENEMIES FRIENDS. One word can be used to describe this cd (which is unfortunately only six songs): brilliant.

"A Life Without A Heart" opens the album with unbridled aggression, yet retains a fragmented pop feel with a great and incredibly catchy melody. This cd is filled with refined aggression, and the brashness and rugged vocals (both male and female) add to the anger and effiency of the delievery of the songs. But, the true higlight is the albums closing track, entitled "Your Enemies Are Your Enemies Friends." This is a perfect closing track to a perfect EP, very melancholy and relaxing, it left my jaw to the floor.

Ladies and gentlemen you have been told that bands like The Vines and The Strokes are here to save rock and roll, but although rock doesn't need saving, if it did, that band would be YOUR ENEMIES FRIENDS. Expect big things from this band in the future.