Dream Ritual - Dream Ritual [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Dream Ritual

Dream Ritual [EP] (2014)

6131 Records

When it comes to bringing back grunge, bands like Basement, Title Fight, Superheaven (formerly Daylight), Sainthood Reps and Balance and Composure have done their best to intersperse the genre over layers of post-hardcore to make a sound that's contemporary and accessible to new audiences. They've all done a commendable job without alienating any eras. In terms of true '90s grunge and an overall hard rock aesthetic though, Dream Ritual is the one band I can say have been truly on point.

In fact, this self-titled album is made for fans like me who headbanged to the Seattle scene and of course, whose room is littered with Alice In Chains posters. The riffage and solos are so cynical, so cutting and very decisive in shaping the mannerism of a band that still doesn't sound like a copycat while sticking true to a particular sound -- and it's a sound of generations clashing. From the ominous reverb to the nail-biting distortion on tracks like "Fade" and "25," this record takes a 28 year-old like me back quite a bit. There's a huge old-school vibe awash and it really sets the stage for the songs like "Little Speck" to reverse the clock. As each song passes, you're shunted further and further back in time.

Dream Ritual is simple and straightforward. It'll be nice to hear them weave some other elements in a bit more and see how best they can usurp the swath of bands mentioned above in the future. But this'll more than suffice for now. Still, I think they should aim for something more daring. If they mix it up, I can see them doing big things. They already have a great starting point here. I'd love for them to elaborate on it.