PEARS - …In Diapers (the 2014 demos) (Cover Artwork)
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…In Diapers (the 2014 demos) (2014)


Just months before their self-released record, Go To Prison took the punk scene by storm in the summer 2014, PEARS released a three-song demo EP called …In Diapers (the 2014 Demos) all of three of which made it on to the full-length.

Up first on this demo is the song “Forever Sad.” The band kept it fairly the same in full-length version. There are some small noticeable changes though. In the demo version you can hear some extra back up vocals that were later taken out that appear right before the instrumental bridge. Also, instead of the Suicidal Tendencies Easter egg that is supposed to appear during the bridge isn’t there. Instead lead singer, Zach Quinn speaks a few lines (that were later taken out), right before the band goes instead the shouting part of the song.

Next in line is the rough version of “Terrible.” This is definitely my favorite song on the full-length and the demo. Compared to the finished version, the demo has a fainter-sounding bass and when the backing vocalists shout “terrible!” it sounds almost like a crowd is shouting it instead of one or two extra people. PEARS still has the incredible anthemic chorus in this version, but the part following this is a bit slower than the full-length version. Not to mention that in this version the band added some applause to when the song breaks for a second, and then Zach Quinn mutters, “The song’s not over.”

The third and final song on this demo is “Victim to Be” and PEARS kept this song almost identical on Go To Prison. There are some small differences, like the tones of Zach Quinn’s screams and the guitar fills in the quieter parts and a little softer, but other than that both versions are very similar. Regardless its still a kick-ass jam.

Even though these tracks may sound a little primitive compared to the final versions on the full-length, you can still hear that the band was definitely onto something fantastic. This demo is the precursor that led PEARS to record the awesome punk rock juggernaut, Go To Prison. Those of you who loved the album (like me) will definitely get a kick out hearing the rough cuts of these songs.