Not Half Bad - Sorry Dudes [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Not Half Bad

Sorry Dudes [EP] (2014)

Self Released

Not Half Bad's Sorry Dudes EP is a much better introduction to this folky pop-punk band from Ft. Worth, TX than their 2013 full length Good People was. In the span of only 6 songs they manage to cover all the aspects of their song writing that make this little band worth checking out.

The record opens with "Daybeers" and shows their tendency to write simple and catchy songs that end up in a gang vocalized peak. While the song opens with lyrics on the pessimistic side by the end of the song they are shouting out their solution with so much passion that you'll be singing along on your first listen. "Three Things That Aren't Jackie Chan" pretty much follows the same formula and will have you shouting out the repeating "It's been a goddamn year!" as soon as it kicks in.

The middle section of the recording slows the tempo down a bit with "Comfortable. Tired", which is the only song I didn't really find myself catching on to even after multiple listens. It just sort of drags and never feels as impassioned as the rest of the EP. "Van, Forever" picks the tempo right back up and will make you want to start your own band, buy a crappy van, and drive around the country playing to anyone who will listen.

The last couple of tracks bring on the acoustic element that Not Half Bad like to throw in with their grittier pop punk. "Armchair Anarchism" is a political song without a soapbox and "You're Alright. You Know That, Kid" combines both aspects of the bands sound with both acoustic and electric elements kicking at the same time. This final track will make the toughest of the tough tear up with lyrics trying to sort out feelings on the difficult topic of death.

As much as I enjoyed the combination of fun and passion on Sorry Dudes, I felt a little impatient at times due to their tendency to rock the same 3 or 4 chords over and over again in their songs. This wouldn't stand out so much if the songs were cut down a little bit from rounding out at about 3 minutes each to more like 2:30. It just kind of takes away from the leave you wanting more factor that makes for a classic. What you can't take away, however, is the feeling that you would love to be in a basement somewhere with these guys singing along to a catchy collection of songs.