Jimmy Eat World/The Donnas/No Knife - live in San Diego (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Jimmy Eat World / The Donnas / No Knife

live in San Diego (2002)

live show

I was excited to go to this show, as well as not looking forward to it. Why was I not? Because the person I was going with was bitter about attending. That can make any show a drag. But I toughened up and dealt with it.

When we arrived, Rueban's Accomplice had already started playing. A few songs into watching them I was tired and ready for the next band. They are way too bland for my taste, but to each his own. I wasn't into them at all, but they had some potential and room to improve. Can't please everyone.

This is the second time in the past month that I got to watch No Knife and I must say they were a billion times better the second time around. I'm glad I didn't lose hope in them after the CD release show. The one advantage to my seat was that I could see the entire band. I did not realize until tonight that there is a female member. She played the tambourine and keyboard. (Side note: why is it always the female that plays these instruments?) The keyboard was either inaudible or very well blended into the music because I hardly noticed it. After watching them this second time, I really wouldn't think twice about recommending you go see them. They were absolutely awesome.

For some unknown reason, I remember The Donnas being better. I think it was because I was younger, and trashy "punk rock" lyrics appealed to me more. I couldn't find it in myself to like a single song of theirs. They said they "couldn't tell if anyone was having a good time or not" and the crowd let off a weak almost forced cheer. I like girl bands, but they were such a turn off. They didn't even play the only song I know "Hook it Up." I really tried.

Woohoo! Jimmy Eat World, the whole reason for going. I thought J.E.W. had a pretty strong following but the Open Air Theater, which seats 4000, did not fill up to maximum capacity at any time during the show. I'm guessing it being a Sunday was a factor.

Who would think that good lighting would have such an amazing effect on the rock. Each band member had an oriental rug in their spot and Chinese paper lanterns hung over the stage looking like Saturn with out its rings. The stage lighting made for a better presentation of the band and an emphasis on the music. At some points the stage twinkled as if it was under the stars. At other times the lights flashed with the beat or streamed across the audience. But I digress.

Jimmy Eat World played pretty much everything on from their Self Titled [Bleed American] album plus a few additional songs including "Sunday" for the fans who were around since before the release of their current album. It was fun to see everyone's heads bobbing at the same time like waves in tune with Bleed American. And what is any headliner with out an encore? They came back to play just a few more and end the night with " Sweetness".

The show overall had it's up and downs. If I could do it over again, I'd go. The only thing I'd do different, is bring a cushion because the cement seats were killing my bum.