Homewrecker - Circle of Death (Cover Artwork)


Circle of Death (2014)

A389 Recordings

I've been eagerly awaiting Homewrecker's sophomore LP since A389 put out their last release, 2012's Worms and Dirt. The band hails from Ohio and in the tradition of some of that state's hardest musical exports they play a totally evil-sounding combination of hardcore, metal, thrash and crust. This mixture lands them somewhere in the vicinity of Humanity Is the Devil-era Integrity and In Cold Blood, with just a touch more rawness and chugging insanity.

Compared to Circle of Death, Worms and Dirt was a bit more of a plodding affair and I often likened the record to "Vocal Test" played nine times in a row. But that's not an insult to Homewrecker in any way shape or form as I'd love to hear "Vocal Test" played that many times. I don't know if I'd survive it, but can think of worse ways to die. At any rate, Circle of Death finds Homewrecker experimenting a bit more with speed and the majority of the songs are breakneck thrash monsters that degenerate into crushing, demonic beatdowns. It's a bit less Integrity and a little more like Mammoth Grinder's latest record, Underworlds.

Homewrecker's new LP has a slightly different feel than their last, but all of the band's signature elements are intact -- especially the monstrous vocals. I'd honestly be surprised if fans of all things heavy, dark and fast didn't lose their minds over this newest release.