Brookhurst - Brookhurst (Cover Artwork)


Brookhurst (2015)

ThreeColorGrey Records

Brookhurst's self-titled release is a case study on how to properly infuse all the elements of traditional pop punk rock into a fifty five minute melodic odyssey. Members of the Los Angeles based band have been impelling the punk scene since the turn of the century with acknowledged ensembles such as HeyMike!, Brother and recently defunct Goodbye Valentine. Lead singer, Steve Neufeld performed bass duties for This Legend on their recent 3 month tour with Lagwagon and Swinging Utters. As a young band, this power trio bring forth a depth of punk know-how one would expect from their credentials.

While their sound doesn’t veer from the construct of melodic pop punk it’s the quality of the song writing and musicianship that should be noted during this 15 song exploration. Neufeld’s vocals are a continuum of his previous projects where his voice sears into your brain to fester. After a second listen I caught myself humming his hook-laden melodies while performing the most mundane tasks throughout the day. The guitar riffs are rock-solid, catchy and implemented with a blistering tone. Garrett Baldwin, known historically for his guitar work, has taken on the role of bassist like a true authority of the four strings. Joe Herrera sets the mood throughout the record with his expressive drumming in the vein of Derrick Plourde and Sean Sellers.

The album is full of quality songs but, “Know My Name” and “Half the Time” are the two that definitely stand out for their riffage, beguiling choruses and post punk breakdowns.

For those who have venerated the pop punk sound associated with California in the 90’s, Brookhurst will take you back to those nostalgic times while still bringing modernity to the table.