Wasted Potential - Wasted Potential [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Wasted Potential

Wasted Potential [EP] (2014)

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Wasted Potential's debut Self-Titled EP is a seemingly great combination of what you get when you dabble a nice mix of the fast paced sounds of Strike Anywhere to the heavy, distorted and unforgiving riffs of Down and sprinkle some Adolescents there for good measure.

With 8 tracks for a total of 12.5 minutes you've got more than enough to enjoy from this riff-packed, head banging EP that makes you just want to blast it in your car and not give a crap about what other drivers are thinking around you. It's a less is more kind of songwriting as most songs clock in under 2 minutes but that's not necessarily a bad thing - there's more than enough emphatic beatings from the drums, heavily distorted guitars with guitar solos that really stand out and are never over done and are completely, one hundred percent spot on note for note. The vocals are determined and aggressive and almost resonate that of a an even heavier take of Russ Rankin's performances on his Good Riddance releases.

Notable tracks to note are "Two Pumps and a Quiver" and "Urine Luck", the former of which the band has released a music video for back in late September and is the first track off the release. It's a perfect intro to listen to as it is begins with a solid guitar riff which leads to the whole band blasting in and completely stealing your attention for the next couple of minutes. Guitar solos are of particular note on this track.
Urine Luck is nothing any less, in fact it leaves a similar impression as Two Pumps with heavy distorted guitars leading the way and allowing the rest of the band to follow - vocals are unrelenting and definitely bring the song out during the chorus as it brings a brooding mood and ends in a climactic fashion.