Four Year Strong - Go Down in History [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Four Year Strong

Go Down in History [EP] (2014)

Pure Noise Records

Beardcore is alive and well heading into 2015, with Four Year Strong's late-2014 release Go Down in History. This is the four piece's first release since joining the pop punk juggernaut Pure Noise Records -- home to bands such as The Story So Far, State Champs and Handguns.

Upon first listen, Go Down in History has a very pungent early Four Year Strong smell to it -- which will harken to fans of the bands earlier material.

Go Down in History's first track, "What's in the Box?," sets off this new chapter for Four Year Strong with a bang. Being one of the more noticeably reminiscent tracks on the EP, "What's in the Box?" will appease fans of the band's second full-length Rise or Die Trying by starting off with the perfect mixture of chuggy-ness, technicality and a sing-along chorus -- ingredients that give Four Year Strong a unique voice and let the band stand apart from others.

The title track, "Go Down in History," is arguably the best song on the EP. A passionate delivery vocally, melodic guitar work and plenty of sing-alongs will keep this song playing over and over again in listeners' heads long after it ends. The EP finishes with the "Dumb and Dumber"-titled fifth track "So You're Saying There's a Chance." The song captures the riffy vibe Go Down in History puts out completely -- finishing the EP on a great note and leaving the listener wanting more.

Overall, Go Down in History is a solid release, but leaves the fan wanting more from the band's first release in three years than just five songs. However with the EP's solid sound, I would expect great things from Four Year Strong this year.