Joyce Manor / The Weaks - live in Brooklyn (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Joyce Manor / The Weaks

live in Brooklyn (2015)

live show

Joyce Manor released my favorite record of 2014 with Never Hungover Again. Their live performance maintained the style of the record but not the immediate pacing at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg on January 15, 2015.

Openers The Weaks were a decent pairing. The dueling singers represented the gruff/clean vocal counterpoint we’re all very familiar with by now. They didn’t add anything new, except an unnecessary third guitarist and out-of-place electronics.

Joyce Manor always leaves me wanting more. Is that good? Is that the intention? Probably, right? Their sets range from thirty to fifty minutes and that’s if you really, really stretch them out. This time they drew mainly from the first self-titled record and Hungover with some special treats sprinkled in.

The show started off on the wrong foot when singer/guitarist Barry Johnson broke his guitar strap, struggling the entirety of “Catalina Fight Song.” This was the second time I’ve seen a Joyce Manor malfunction, but both times they recovered in the most endearing of ways. My issue with the show came from the tiny break taken after each song. Whether to sip a beer or check the set list, these moments really threw a cog into the fast paced machine that is Joyce Manor. The band thrives on short, nonstop bursts so a song like “Falling in Love Again” would have benefitted from having “Constant Headache” lead directly into it with no pause in between. But, hey, maybe this was an intentional way to extend an otherwise brief headlining set.

Who am I to pretend it was anything less than enjoyable, though? Especially when we got a Weezer cover! “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly” was a welcome surprise and something the band clearly enjoyed playing. If you’re looking to see Joyce Manor do more Weezer covers, Johnson promised next time they’ll do two sets: one part Weezer covers and the other part also Weezer covers. Everyone cheered at the exciting yet deceptive promise.