Free Pizza - Boston, MA (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Free Pizza

Boston, MA (2014)


Boston, MA is a tuneful, hilarious garage rock album coming from recent Boston-to-Miami transplants Free Pizza (and with the clusterfuck of a blizzard we just got, who can blame them?) They're one of the best examples of a thriving DIY scene in Beantown that ranges from the fiery Guerilla Toss, up-and-comers Pile and the brilliant URSULA, a scene that has a lot of diversity and an increasing amount of cool spaces to go. Free Pizza is one of the more wonderfully dumb bands from this mix, featuring some genuinely pretty cowpunk guitar, lunkheaded vocals and a pronounced and tangled rhythm section -- it's a band for drinking 40s and partying very hard and irresponsibly.

And this record goes with that -- it' a perfect distillation of their set list, with a great crowd pleaser at the end ("Boston, MA"). The album is also short, fast and sweet, with the ballads like "Baby Girl" sincere but headbanger-y, and fast rockers "Porty" and "Forward" have momentum and a sweet goofiness to them. The garage scene should take notice -- Free Pizza is one of the more fun rock n' roll bands in the DIY indie scene and are absolutely worthy of repeat listens.