The (International) Noise Conspiracy / The D4 - live in Sydney (Cover Artwork)

The (International) Noise Conspiracy / The D4

live in Sydney (2002)

live show


Well aware of how good T(I)NC come across recorded, and how much of a live reputation they have, I happily carted my arse on down to the Annandale Hotel in Sydney this Sunday, October 13 expecting a cracker of a live rock and roll show. And I got one.

First up on the bill tonight were locals Demolition Highstyle, but the call of beer and pizza down the road was beconing, and I could not resist, so I can't say much here.

One hour and a full belly later, I headed back in to catch New Zealanders, The D4 show the crowd how the garage rock revival isn't a flash in the pan. They sure as hell convinced me, shredding the stage with some really rocking numbers that got the crowd in a good, partying mood. Radio favourite 'Party' was the only thing I could identify here, not having been a huge fan beforehand, but these are some guys I can't wait to see more of, especially the frontman's sideburns.

If the D4 set the mood, T(I)NC took it to another level. I think everyone in the venue were aware of what T(I)NC are capable of, but actually seeing them blew everyone away. 'Up for Sale' was second on the setlist, and really got the people moving, and when Dennis gave us a little talk on how this Sunday, day of rest shouldn't stop us from pulling on our revolutionary dancing shoes, emphatic cheers were his reply, and the band ripped into Breakout 2001, one of the highlights. But not the highlight, that was reserved for New Empire Blues, and if you think this sounds good recorded, man, live it was something else. I'm still yelling out now - "Yeah! I don't get it!" - and there's a big smile on my face to boot. Smash it Up, dedicated to Sydney, really got a good response, and The Reproduction of Death was a very nice surprise to hear. The closer, before the encore, was a new number that ended with Dennis struting his stuff along the bar that was adjacent to the stage, Whatever you say about him, he's one hell of a showmen, and he has one hell of a band to back him up. A New Morning, Changing Weather was the finale, and T(I)NC walked off with huge cheers behind them, and a whole bunch of new fans, and born again fans like me.

By the way, nice work Sydney, not one call was made from the audience for a Refused song. It seems everyone has come to accept just how different T(I)NC are, and that this is what's happening now.