Mogwai/And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - live in Sydney (Cover Artwork)

Mogwai / And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

live in Sydney (2002)

live show

The Metro Theatre, in the heart of Sydney, has had some loud bands there before, but I'm sure no one has EVER shaken the walls the way Mogwai did tonight, and I mean EVER. There is no need to argue, no hardcore, metalcore, whatevercore has or will ever match the aural intensity of Mogwai, no matter how good they are (and don't get me wrong, I love the 'cores)

Sydney locals Further opened up, and the sound they've been developing since releasing this year's 'Punk Rock Vampires' on Architecture has become nothing short of epic. 'Romance!' was a highlight, but personal favourite, the album's title track fell a little short. All in all though, Further put in a solid performance, something eveyone in Sydney has now come to expect. Quality.

...And you will know us by the trail of dead walked on to the sounds of Willy Wonka ("and if the depth of hell awaken..."), and the eerie perfomance for the night began. Aside from looking very tired (they played the night before in Seatle on the Queens of the Stone Age tour), the boys seemed to be off somewhere else. 'It was there that I saw you' opened their set, with 'Boudelaire' following, it's monstrous riff still solid even if the timing was a little off. 'Another Morning Stoner' built to it's explosive ending well, with the drummer taking the regins on guitar for 'Homage' (This guy went nuts, he ended the show litterally on top of my feet screaming his lungs out). 'How Near How Far' was my personal favourite of the evening, but jet lag seemed to have taken it's toll, and I hope they're a little better at Livid this weekend. Potential.

Finally, Mogwai took the stage. A little backgroud perhaps, these guys are a semi-instrumental art rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, and are self described snotty punks. And they are fucking loud. The wall of sound they produce is very much earth shattering, but it only adds to the effect. Opeing with 'You Don't Know Jesus', a lot of people were genuinely shocked by the noise, but it didn't stop some people simple screaming from pure ecstacy. This really was noise as art. 'Helicon 1' was suitably amazing, 'Secret Pint' hit a low point one would not think Mogwai could reaching, considering the sound they produce. '2 Rights Make 1 Wrong' I initially thought was a let down, as it didn't hit the peak in the middle the recorded version on 'Rock Action' did, but my mouth was shut at the end when primarily Stuart Braithwaite reworked the song to hit a new pinnacle. The encore hit a huge high with the 30 plus minute reworked Hebrew prayer 'My Father My King', and I swear that after the nearly 2 hours of music people still thought there was plenty more to come. There wasn't, unfourtunately, and my only complaint (except for the fact Xmas Steps wasn't played) is that it was over seemingly so soon.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.