Davila 666 - POCOS ANOS, MUCHOS DANOS (Cover Artwork)

Davila 666


Burger Records

Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos is the newest compilation by Puerto Rican garage punk band Davila 666. But the sixteen tracks on this comp come from out of print singles and EPs, most of which were written by guitarist and backing vocalist AJ Davila. I was fucking floored, although I will admit, it might be hard for some people to listen to since all the songs are sung in Spanish. Either way this is one of the best garage punk bands I have heard in a long ass time, and I cannot recommend it enough.

When I first bought it, my roommate told me they were the Mexican Ramones. In addition to being wrong about them being Mexican, he was also wrong about them being exactly like the Ramones. This band sounds more like the missing link between T Rex and the Rolling Stones with a bit of a Stooges swagger. Especially on tracks like "Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera," "Alverez," and "Dos O Tres." Not that they do not sound like the Ramones on some tracks, like "Me Va Muy Mal" and "La Killer Bitch." Also, like almost any compilation, there are a couple of cover tracks, and Davila 666 has some great choices of covers and play them very faithfully. They cover "Hanging on the Telephone" by The Nerves, titled "Telefono" on this comp. They also cover "She’s A Rainbow" by the Rolling Stones, titled "Borrando El Negro." They even include an acoustic track to end it off, called "Sera Sera," and they even manage to give that a bit of the garage swagger. This is a great release showing this band's versatility and unique style.