Plea For Peace/Take Action Tour 2002 - live in Bellingham, WA (Cover Artwork)

Plea For Peace / Take Action Tour 2002

live in Bellingham, WA (2002)

live show

Ok, first off, I was at this show for the promise ring. This show was held in a multi-purpose room at my college so that was cool. I got there, and waiting in line I could tell that people weren't there to see TPR.

I have been to a lot of shows at this venue, and this was definitely the most full I have ever seen it. It was a like a hot topic fashion show outside of the place too... everyone had to dress up for the concert I guess. I got inside and made my way to the very front (for TPR). Lawrence Arms came on soon and I really enjoyed their set. I hadn't heard much of their stuff before, but i was impressed. It probably isn't stuff I'd listen to a whole lot, but it wasn't bad.

Common Rider came on next and I was very surprised. The music was a lot of fun to listen to and the crowd was going insane. There was a huge pit and I was being crushed against the stage (no wall or anything to block the stage... I was leaning on the center monitor). Jesse was right in front of me dancing the whole set. It was a good experiencean they played a fairly long set.

Next came Poison the Well.... I had heard them quite a bit before, and the show wasn't too bad. I just can't get into music when i can't understand one word. Does this guy write lyrics or just scream in different patterns??? How can people get connected with this stuff?? It wasn't bad live, but I can't imagine listening to this music outside of a show. Very reminiscent of Hatebreed. The crushing continued and there were tons of jocks there screaming in my ears. It was really annoying.

Finally the Promise Ring came on and I could finally peel myself off the stage and enjoy myself. They played stuff mostly from Wood/Water which was cool because that album has really grown on me. The set was way to short though - seemed shorter than all the other bands! Davey had tons of energy as he danced to every song. It also seemed that they were trying to rock harder (seeing as they played after Poison The Well). Anyways, they played a good set (they didn't play anything off of Very Emergency though...) and it was worth waiting for them to play - even though I couldn't walk that night.

Overall, the show was a lot of fun, just kind of awkward because there were so many different styles of music and a lot of people were only there to see one band. I can't wait to see who they bring on tour next year. Hopefully HWM and Alkaline Trio again. And hopefully it will come to Western Washington University again.