Forever Came Calling - What Matters Most (Cover Artwork)

Forever Came Calling

What Matters Most (2014)

Pure Noise

Every time I think I’m done with high-pitched-singing pop punk, new bands come around to prove just how well it can be done by the right people with the right approach. Forever Came Calling is just one of those bands. They bring in all the old ingredients and show them in their best light. What Matters Most is a fantastic follow up the the band’s previous effort, Contender. That was an aggressively delivered pop-punk gem of a record, and this new addition to their growing discography is no different.

A lot of bands who start out fast, tend to slow down continuously which each subsequent release. FCC follows suit with the caveat that at least they have retained their intensity even if the forbidden beats are no longer present. The guitars and drums hit so hard and are so tight that it’s hard to complain about a dip in overall speed. There’s a lot more technical proficiency and Kyle Black’s production is so incredible (can’t wait to hear how that new Strung Out album turns out), this record pops with every note. The beats are super punchy and form some truly excellent grooves that bring new life to songs that could have been seen as poppy filler if kept more straight forward.

Lyrically, most of the songs are about reflecting on the past and holding strong to who you are in the present. Some of the relationship stuff may come off a little saccharine at times, so if that aspect of this genre ever bothered you, you may not find yourself getting over it here. Mostly, though, it’s all in the name of positivity.

The whole thing moves along at a good clip and has definite potential for repeat listens. I’m also surprised this record was released in the fall and has such dark artwork. In my opinion it’s a summer record, start to finish, but that is surely not going to dampen its effect.