Iron Chic / Low Culture - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Iron Chic / Low Culture

Split [7-inch] (2015)

Dead Broke Rekerds / Dirt Cult

This is a pretty exciting release, and sees Iron Chic and Low Culture team up for a split released as a collaboration between Dead Broke Rekerds and Dirt Cult Records. Both bands are following up their 2013 releases, Iron Chic’s The Constant One and Low Culture’s Screens; both of which received well-deserved high-scoring reviews from us.

Iron Chic build on what’s expected of them: the 90’s-style punk-influenced emo with big singalongs is their style. However, this split really sees them take their sound to a new level. While Not Like This was a pretty great debut, The Constant One saw the band get even more confident in their sound. Now they’ve really excelled themselves. “L’esprit de L’escalier” starts off with static reminiscent of the beginning of “Cutesy Monster Man” but transforms into something entirely different. It’s fast; really, really fast. While most of their songs trudge along at a mid-pace and the vocals take the forefront, this song moves along very swiftly. It’s really good and it still gets the trademark singalong, as the instrumentation fades out at the end and the vocals remain. Their second song, “Subhumanoid Meltdown”, again sounds like it takes everything good about The Constant One and brings it up a notch as the guitars soar behind the vocals.

As for Low Culture, these songs continue on with their really fast, 70s/80s-style, pop-punk. “Not a Machine” starts off fast and moves along swiftly into its catchy chorus. The vocals and guitars take the forefront; it’s simple and poppy, yet edgy and catchy. Their second track on the split, “Oh Jazelle”, again sees them excel. The song builds and builds across its two-minute length while the guitars weave in and out. It’s a simple yet effective couple of tracks, they’re both short and fast but manage to make a lasting impression rather than just blending into each other.

This split is a great release from a great couple of bands who have found their feet on previous releases but started to move way beyond. If you want four great songs which show off two of the best bands in their respective genres, check out this split.