Tiger Army - Early Years (Cover Artwork)

Tiger Army

Early Years (2002)


Tiger Army is one of those bands that I really like, have seen live, but still don't have any of their releases, which force me to rely on the few compilation tracks or MP3s that I have of that band. Thankfully I received the "new" EP out, that contains all their early material that was on their first EP, which contained two original songs, 2 covers, and this disc also gives the fan a couple of demos of their more popular songs as well.

The 2 tracks on this disc "Temptation" and "Jungle Cat" are typical psychobilly style of songs. I really enjoyed both of them; I think that "Temptation" was the better of the two, but a quality listen for both songs. On this disc they also do a cover of Eddie Cochran's "Twenty Flight Rock", which is done in a plain rock-a-billy style. It sounds a lot like the original, and shows off the raw talent that lies behind the louder and faster Tiger Army. The other cover was the Misfits' "American Nightmare" which is an excellent cover. It is done a lot like the Cochran song and even Nick's voice sounds a bit like Elvis, or any of the other early 50's rock singers. They also include a demo of "F.T.W" and "Nocturnal". Both of these songs don't sound as good as I've heard off the albums, I think that on "Nocturnal" the guitars are really soft, and don't stand out as much as on the album version, but then that's why these are called demos.

This is a release that is more for the people who are already fans of Tiger Army so that they can complete their collections with out having to track down out of print EPs at outrageous prices. If you're new to this band try checking out one of their full lengths before getting this, I know I will probably have to break down and get them now as well, seeing how I've been listening to this non-stop for a couple of weeks now.