Wrong - Stop Giving [EP] (Cover Artwork)
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Stop Giving [EP] (2014)

Robotic Empire

If you're a Helmet fan or a Prong fan, then this is tailor made for you. Wrong boasts ex-members from Torche and Kylesa and came about after the demise of Capsule. Stop Giving is a good tease of what's to come from Wrong and it definitely registers on my radar. But I'll admit, it does leave you feeling a bit short-sold. There's a little extra I felt could have been given.

"Call It" is a great start-stop track. It encompasses a lot of what this four-tracker's about. That's mostly hardcore jaunts mixed in with alternative-metal noise to give subtle strokes of melody that keep stabbing at you. It's very promising indeed. But a major gripe is that this track in particular feels too much like Helmet's "Tic" or "In The Meantime". I'm not sure if it's homage but a lot does seem carbon-copied. It feels a little unoriginal.

Wheel it back to the '90s nu-metal feel of "Stop Giving," a shimmery, distorted track but with very heavy textures, and you feel that this is where they should've parked their sound. Well, here or maybe along the lines of Capsule a bit more. I guess I expected the dynamism of the latter which is why I probably come off a little underwhelmed. There's a lot of potential, but Stop Giving does undersell at times. However, it doesn't drift off too much to leave you disinterested. I'm eager to hear them flesh out their full-length (which they said should be later this year) because you sense there's a lot of musical goodness here that remains untapped, as a collective.