Science Club - Day Job (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Science Club

Day Job (2015)

Self Released

The worst thing you can say about a band is that they don’t have their own sound. That everything they do is similar to someone who's done it better. Unfortunately that’s the case for Science Club.

There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about Day Job but there’s nothing to fall in love with here either. There are some really good numbers like “A Drunken Sleaze Party” and “Marathon” but the songs could be by any band this side of The Ergs. It’s catchy. It’s melodic. It’s a little wry and sad.

Lines like, “I hate everybody who looks just like me” and “I'd rather have a f**king monster at my door than have to live with what I'm capable of anymore” start to wear on the listener no matter how pop punky the music remains. “Selling Drugs in Union Square” is the best track and the one where Science Club starts to break out of its tight mold.

Every song on Day Job feels similar without it ever becoming a cohesive record. And there’s never a reason to lose a verbal race to a palm mute. (I’m looking at you, “Bad at Parties.”) The whole album is a hodgepodge of influences. You can hear Old Man Markley on a good amount of songs and there are moments in the beginning of “Feelings: The Song” and “Bro Song” that hint at early Against Me!

Day Job is fine and if you’re a fan of this sort of poppy punk, you’ll find something to enjoy. If you end up feeling strongly one way or the other about the album, though, it'd be a surprise.