Unearth - Endless (Cover Artwork)


Endless (2002)


This is part 2 of my trip during the last week, along with Shattered Realm, Unearth also found a place inside my stereo, keeping me awake with not only their crushing sound but the lyrics, once you get past the screaming, are actually interesting and break away from the standard metal fare. The band seems to steer away from the common contrived ballads of destruction, hatred, and ill will toward man, and instead focus more on motivational and inspirational beliefs. They use these beliefs and the power and intensity of their music to hopefully inspire their audience to work against the violence and hatred in society. I especially enjoyed the lyrics on "Internal War", which is about the spread of violence among the nation's youth.

Sound wise this band is defiantly metal with sounds similar to Pantera and Slayer, but in some of the vocal deliveries, there was more of a hardcore feel, really reminded me of Poison the Well sometimes. It sucks that this is just an EP, and is only 4 songs long, it makes for a quick listen, and left me wanting more, I guess I'll probably be looking for their earlier full length or be awaiting a new one sometime in the future. I would say that anyone who enjoys hardcore or metal and is looking for a heavy band that actually has some things to say should check this album out.