Deforesters - Bones [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)


Bones [7-inch] (2013)

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When you look up the term "Orgcore" on Urban Dictionary (great citation, I know...) it explains that the typical Orgcore Punker is an arm tattooed, flannel shirt wearing, bearded, pabst blue ribbon drinking, 20 - 30 something year old who's favorite festival is The Fest in Florida. They also are renowned by members of, well, the community and frequent the website.

It seems only fitting then that I bring to light Deforesters, a 4 piece Orgcore band from Toronto.

Bones is a 4 song E.P they released that feature jumpy and upbeat tracks with quirky titles such as "The Topiary Animals Are Telling Me To Do Terrible Things" and "I'll Take The Crab Juice" - the latter being an obvious reference to The Simpsons when the family visits New York City to pick up Homer's car and he chooses to drink Crab Juice over Mountain Dew from a street vendor.

Crustacean drinks aside this band definitely has a Direct Hit! feel to them. It's very "Org" - like. It's pop-punk with melodies that spout out verses and choruses that make you want to chant to them also.

The opening track, "Snow Line," contains lyrics "We're all buried deep, deep down. Deep. Deep. Down." The intro comes in and as Deep, Deep Down are sung everyone comes in and adds such a powerful kick that this song (and all of them for that matter) is made for blasting in your room and drowning out your annoying neighbors and roommates. Not to forget of course the classic "Whoa, Whoa" chanting on this track made notoriously famous by The Offspring in the 90's and mocked by Nofx on the song "Whoa on the Whoas".

The lyrics touch up on good times past, friendships and relationships and all the other stupid little things that seem to get caught up in your life when you're just trying to live it and have fun. "Labatt Blue And Oil Cut With Pen Ink", the final track on the E.P seems to bring up all these topics to the forefront and why not? Watching them live they bring their best performances playing and singing about the very same people who come out to see, support and party with them.

What's in store for the future with Deforesters? That is something we'll have to wait and see as their drummer, Zack, is also drumming for pop-punk quartet Pup whose sky-rocketing fame is taking up most of his time. Fret not, the band is still active in between Pup's schedule with the occasional show in and around Toronto, but a full-length and national tour is again something only time will tell, we'll just have to wait and see.