Don  Blake - Pocket Universe (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Don Blake

Pocket Universe (2015)

Round Dog Records/Bloated Kat

Don Blake's simplistic yet catchy punk rock is a fresh spin on the genre. The Manchester group deems themselves as Ramonescore and have a nice dynamic between their three-chord punk rock songs and the raw emotion that pours out into each song. Pocket Universe is the band's thrilling debut album that offers fast punk melodies and catchy songs throughout.

The vocalist is most likely the freshest and best part about what separates Don Blake from other bands. Joe's gloomy vocals add depth to what appear as fast-driven punk songs that are affected and slowed down by the vocals. The song's melodies are carried by the vocals creating a nice dynamic that is truly unique.

Songs like "King Of The World" certainly add a nice variety to the three-chord punk songs. "Existential" bleeds Green Day, yet still maintains Don Blake's own sound. Other songs like "Any Better" shows the band's shorter and softer side with a sweet melody that carries a different tune than the rest of the record.

Don Blake isn't setting out to break any major punk guidelines. They certainly incorporate some more pop-punk elements, but the songs are straight to the point, melodically driven punk songs. The Band have set forth to release a fairly solid debut that is catchy and at times, extremely unique. Don Blake's sound is straight to the point but will surprise you. If you don't believe me, listen to "We Can Try" after any other song on the album.