All Dogs - All Dogs [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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All Dogs

All Dogs [7-inch] (2013)

Salinas Records

The banner atop the all dogs tumbler page reads “PUNKS MAKING POP MUSIC IN COLUMBUS, OH”, and it’s more than spot on. The music of all dogs is straightforward, sentimental and catchy, but definitely pushed through a grungy punk scope. And that Columbus component carries huge weight; they’re a part of the same fruitful DIY and punk Ohio music scene that brought to prominence the Sidekicks, Signals Midwest, and Saintseneca. In fact, singer Maryn Jones is a member of Saintseneca, but any likeness between the two stop there.

For Saintseneca, Jones takes a backseat to the full band’s orchestrations, providing varied instrumentation and beautiful accompaniment to Zac Little’s warbled melodies. In all dogs, Jones really gets to shine, revealing a lead voice that immediately brings to mind Lemuria or Swearin’. Her floating, legato vocal style lends itself well to the head-nodding flow of the four songs on this 7-inch. There’s a distinctive 90s alt-rock vibe to the songs, but enough of a hint of current punk influences to keep from sounding stale or needlessly nostalgic.

The record begins with its best track: “Buddy”, an upbeat and summery number that is about exactly what the title suggests. It’s a fun ode to friendship, and while it acknowledges the changes that age and life bring to comradery, it never stays down for long, reminding the titular buddy that there are ‘no worries/ no cares at all’. “Snow Fences” and “Basement” wax nostalgic and dream of future adventure, respectively, while “Say” returns to themes of comradery for a great conclusion to an entirely too-short collection of songs.

With a new release promised in 2015, this 7-inch is the perfect place to enter the head-bobbing, fun world of Jones and company. If you've got the winter blues, tracks like "Buddy" will offer a momentary reprieve to summer.