The Venomous Pinks - Exes & Whoas! [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Venomous Pinks

Exes & Whoas! [EP] (2014)


Hailing from the Phoenix area, The Venomous Pinks are an all-girl, high-energy, punk band. They cite the Ramones and Joan Jett as influences, and that’s made obvious in the sound of their EP, Exes & Whoas!.

The EP hits hard and fast, and doesn't let up. It’s a solidly fast paced EP, with hectic drums, prominent bass, and sharp riffs. It’s a mix of punk rock and rock and roll, making it more than obvious (if it was still in doubt, which, in itself, is doubtful) that an all-girl band can play just as hard as men. The EP itself is straightforward and to the point: what you hear in the first track sets the standard for what you’re going to hear in the tracks that follow.

Drea Doll’s vocals are powerful and gritty, especially apparent on the lead off track, “Never Say Never”. The song itself is the perfect intro to the EP itself, with blaring guitars and bass, a chanted chorus (“Never say never”). The second song, “No No No”, pretty much fits this pattern perfectly. “Do You Wanna” also follows suit, boasting lyrics such as “Gonna get wild, gonna lost control”. It’s your typical Rock’n’Roll party anthem, only everything gets a little too wild. What makes it a highlight of the EP is the bridge: a male and female duet of sorts, which changes up the song progression, making it stand out from the previous few songs, and adds something to the feel of the song itself. “I Really Don’t Care” shakes things up again, with more prominent guitar riffs, and an even faster tempo. “Can We Go” finishes off the EP, boasting everything that’s been brought into the EP thus far: grimy and powerful vocals, a quick tempo, unabating drums, loud bass, striking guitar riffs.

Exes & Whoas! has its strong points, and it knows how to use them. It’s a punk/rock’n’roll EP that offers everything you might expect in terms of content, from violence to sex and parties. It’s your typical punk rock (a la Ramones) with a twist. While it’s not the strongest of EPs, it’s still an enjoyable listen, and The Venomous Pinks prove they’re worth keeping an eye on.