The Kimberly Steaks - Chemical Imbalance [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Kimberly Steaks

Chemical Imbalance [7-inch] (2015)

Round Dog Records/Don't Ask

The Kimberly Steaks have the East Bay, California sound from all the way across the pond. Without any knowledge, you wouldn't have a clue that these lads are from Scotland, at least I didn't. Their newest 7 inch, Chemical Imbalance, is a quick, fast and straight to the point four-song EP that showcases the band's nostalgic ability to write great songs.

Right off the bat, the band's melodies remind me of Less Than Jake with vocals keenly similar to Billie Joe Armstrong. The songs by no means sound like either band, but the band certainly revitalizes a genre that hasn't been revived nor forgotten. The straight to the point punk songs makes the EP just under eight minutes and honestly, that's all the band needs. The songs are satisfying and each have their own special trait.

Songs like "Change Your Mind" are a great shift in sound for the band. It showcases their ability to slow down while remaining consistent with the other songs. The song has more of a New Found Glory appeal than a Green Day appeal. But honest lines like "Looks like I chose the wrong week to stop drinking" reminds the audience that the band aren't trying to draw comparisons. Even the band's cover of "I'm Into Something Good" is a shining spectacle that ends the EP rather nicely. The cover puts a punk spin on an older song and it totally works.

The trio from Scotland are a unique act in the world of punk music. The Kimberly Steaks have managed to blend almost every great element of punk to make a nostalgic sound that is still their own. The gritty guitar tones remain constant throughout the EP, creating a consistency that manages to keep the record in sync. The band has strung together some of the nicer sounding punk songs and will hopefully continue to as time goes on.