Good Riddance - Peace In Our Time (Cover Artwork)
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Good Riddance

Peace In Our Time (2015)

Fat Wreck Chords

It might come as a surprise, but for the first time in nine years, Good Riddance has a new album out! After the long wait since My Republic,, and a hiatus, fans no longer need to hold their breath for melodic guitars and the sweet sound of Russ Rankin’s voice. Peace In Our Time is an awesome return for the band that proves they may have grown, but musically, nothing’s changed.

The album wastes no time like any other Good Riddance album: fast gritty guitars and in your face drums while Rankin’s aggressively clean vocals attack your eardrums. The band clearly has not lost their melodic edge, and the nine year gap almost feels nonexistent between Peace In Our Time and Good Riddance’s previous work. Originally, the band started based off their love for Bad Religion and that influence has clearly not gone away, as each song is melodically infused punk rock in the vein of that era.

Peace In Our Time maintains a steady tempo throughout. The songs have a very similar feel with fast guitars strung together by melody and raw energy. “Teachable Moments” gets a little more melodic and has a slightly different feel that is perfect for the halfway point of the record. Other songs have a more intricate and melodic feel as well. “Shiloh,” a song that reminds me of Dave Smalley-era Dag Nasty, showcases the more intricate side of the melodies Good Riddance is known for.

Good Riddance didn’t make a huge departure from 2006’s My Republic, but the album has its own elements that separate the two. Peace In Our Time is more melodic when it comes to the punk verses of the album instead of the melodic intros and leads from My Republic.

Long time fans of Good Riddance will not be disappointed in the band’s energy and sound, even after nine years. The band is as fresh as ever with some of their most intricate riffs in decades. Of course, recording at The Blasting Room certainly gives this album the feeling it truly embodies. Good Riddance prove one thing with Peace In Our Time: the wait was worth it.