Tom Delonge - Demos, Odds and Ends (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Tom Delonge

Demos, Odds and Ends (2015)

To The Stars

Tom Delonge, we got beef. I was into the alien stuff, I stuck by you through Angels & Airwaves, and I think this just might be the line. Demos, Odds And Ends is such a ploy, it’s not even funny. If there’s any possible belief that these songs were written for Blink, then I’m glad Skiba is in good hands. So with that in mind, let’s get started.

Quite possibly the most annoying thing about this piece of work is that it doesn’t sound like demos for Blink-182 nor Angels And Airwaves, bearing the question, where did these demos come from? The songs certainly seem like Odds and Ends, but more something that should’ve been kept on a hard drive, unmixed, unmastered and most importantly, not released on vinyl.

There are certain songs that are particularly strong in this jumble though. “Suburban Kings” has an original melody with a smooth progression. “An Endless Summer” can pass as an AVA demo but also maintains a certain melodic clarity in the careful riffs Delonge uses. This is the Tom Delonge we know, or the one as we know now.

In what Tom Delonge might think is a return to form is a downright catastrophe on “Golden Showers in the Golden State.” Not only does the riff sounds like he rearranged the opening to “First Date,” Delonge delivers crude lyrics that aren’t remotely funny and seem downright sad. Tom posted the lyrics to this song for Blink a couple years ago, but out of all the songs to revive? “You can take a dump on my chest if it s okay/ just to take a piss in someones mouth when you’re away,” it’s like Delonge tried way too hard to duplicate the Mark Hoppus written classic, “Happy Holidays, You Bastard.”

While I’m glad Tom decided to release material other than Angels And Airwaves, it feels half assed and scrapped together. Perhaps that’s what the album is supposed to be, but the songs still aren’t impressive. From the wise words of parents all over the world I have just one thing to say to you, Tom: I’m not mad I’m disappointed.