Hounds - Wild Eyes (Cover Artwork)


Wild Eyes (2015)

New Damage Records

Meet Hounds, one of the latest additions to New Damage Records. Featuring a lineup consisting of members from various bands including The Flatliners, The Hostage Life, Rad Affair and Dig it Up! these guys bring a cool blend of punk and hardcore that are worthy of being on the same label as Cancer Bats and Architects albeit on a some what slightly lighter tone.

Having just released their first E.P, Wild Eyes, consisting of 6 tracks and the single "Thanks", the band has had some decent success (maybe in part due to their other affiliated bands) locally but regardless this E.P stands as a pretty solid release that would make a good addition to your music collection.

Fittingly enough it was produced by none other Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats fame. The few tracks on this E.P all have a unique touch to them that make them individually stand out such as "Syncope," a tight track from start to finish with a catchy chorus.

Overall, it's a decent E.P It's a somewhat safe approach to the hardcore sound. But, who knows, that may evolve and change in their next release.