Winchester Revival - Burden's Landing [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Winchester Revival

Burden's Landing [EP] (2015)

King Of Sticks

Burden’s Landing, the latest release from Californian outfit Winchester Revival, is a strange, quirky, skittish piece of work, part Arcade Fire, part Radiohead, a brooding, churning soundscape of syncopated drums and vaulting vocals. The band themselves list their influences as ranging from “the intensity of post punk to the mindfulness of LA 70s pop and the etherealness of the shoegazers,” a description fully realised in the rich, busy melting pot of tracks like “Ides Of January” and “Salamander.”

The Oakland indie five-piece are musically accomplished and rhythmically inventive, building on the basic trio of guitar, bass and drums with the addition of Matt Glick’s electronics and the occasional atmospheric backing vocals of honorary member Amanda Guilbeaux. The result is a deeply textured record, a little challenging and odd at times, but always beautifully rendered.

Lead single “Last Night in Tokyo” is a haunting urban fairytale, offbeat and smoky, delayed guitars chopping and diving around melodic, expansive vocal lines. “Diligence” is a glitchy, trippy number, all shuffly drums and repetitive lyrics; “Keep It Together” a mysterious, reverb-drenched half-song at the interval point; “Ice Water” a nervous, twitchy closer with an insistent rhythm and a building intensity.

Winchester Revival, or WinRev as they are colloquially known, are proud of their “underground, organic” approach to music, and the chemistry between the band members can be clearly heard throughout all six tracks on Burden’s Landing. A strong body of work from a band well worth looking out for.