Royal Psalms - I Could Have Been Anything [EP] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Royal Psalms

I Could Have Been Anything [EP] (2015)

Rise Records

Royal Psalms is the newest acts to come out of the parade of bands that formed after Daytrader and Crime In Stereo broke up. The band has captured the feeling of melodic rock songs with subtle hints of pop and other elements. Their debut EP, I Could Have Been Anything, embodies a fierce, atmospheric, melodic rock sound that will resonate with fans who enjoy the indie/grunge revival with '90s influence embedded in.

I Could Have Been Anything is a rock album above anything else. The band uses their instrumentation flawlessly to create a full effect, whether one instrument is taking over, or they’re in full composition. Nick Warchol’s vocal style is reminiscent of a laid back Taking Back Sunday through his melodic flow of singing on the chorus of “Anything” and “Stagnant Water.” While Warchol doesn’t necessarily sound like Adam Lazzara, his influence peaks through in his vocal flow and style. The music overall has similar energy to Foo Fighters, which is refreshing for the genre.

"Dig” offers a fuller, more atmospheric perspective of the band. With a multiple instruments battling the ambiance of soft vocals. The song then leads into a great composition with invigorating drums and a carrying melody that makes the song one of the best on the EP. “Slow Horse” also has a superior composition and finishes the EP on a strong note.

The one strife I have with I Could Have Been Anything is the band’s simple lyrics during the chorus. The verses are constructed perfectly, but as soon as the choruses kick in the band relies heavily repeating the title of the song. It’s not a huge issue, but with such amazing verses, the choruses can sometimes lose the attention to move forward. Songs like “Anything” and “Constants” both have repetitive choruses that could’ve had a little more thought put into them.

Overall, Royal Psalm’s first EP is breath of fresh air in the melodic rock/grunge genre. The band is finding a way to fit into the subgenre, but they’re doing it in a fashion that goes against the mold of the genre as a whole. The band will have no trouble fitting in with the rest of the genre as they continue to find their sound. With some opening spots on Fireworks east coast tour, the band will certainly be gaining recognition this summer.