Super Unison - Super Unison (Cover Artwork)

Super Unison

Super Unison (2015)


Super Unison do not waste any time on their debut self-titled EP. This four song offering is about the same length as the Drive Like Jehu song they are (presumably) named after. Anybody expecting any Post-hardcore guitar interplay in the vein of Rick Froberg and John Reis may be disappointed. Super Unison's music is far more akin to the earlier, faster works of Coliseum or the hardcore punk of The Steal. Vocalist and bassist Meghan O'Neil delivers intense, scraping yowls over able bodied instrumentals provided by the rest of the band (which includes former Snowing drummer Justin Renninger).

The band isn't just welcoming Drive Like Jehu comparisons, though. Meghan O'Neil made a splash with her last band, Punch. Her work with that band involved her caterwauls supplying personality to run of the mill, albeit fast, hardcore. Here, O'Neil is able to distinct herself from her past in Punch by using a much less teeth shaking (and I assume more throat friendly) shout to bring these songs into a different realm. At times, like on EP highlight "Remember Me," O'Neil speak-sings in a taunting way to give her lyrics a little more heft and distinction.

The music doesn't stray from a typical hardcore punk formula, though it does cross over into Post-hardcore territory from time to time. The guitar riffs are heavy, but nimble, pivoting and changing on a dime when needed. The drumming is propulsive and taut, with a high, springy snares and ample cymbal work. "On Repeat" contains the most Post-hardcore structure and sound, with alternating heavy and scraggly guitars and finishing with a scream courtesy of O'Neil.

Overall this EP does exactly what it wants to do, which is to introduce this band as a group to watch. It's short running time and tight songs definitely piques your interest and whets your appetite. Super Unison are able to accomplish this in a scant 8 minutes.