Four Year Strong - Four Year Strong (Cover Artwork)
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Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong (2015)

Pure Noise Records

I have to admit, I was a tad skeptical about Four Year Strong’s new release. I was a naïve to the fact that the band was returning to form after their major label, In Some Way, Shape, Or Form wasn’t well received. It didn’t really feel genuine enough for me and Go Down In History fell a tad short of my expectations. It seems like the band was saving the best for last. Four Year Strong isn’t a return to form album, it’s a retaliation to any doubt that fans like me had. The album is the heaviest and possibly most well written Four Year Strong release to date. The album has a complex variety that melts very nicely throughout the album.

It’s hard to even begin when every song is aggressive, heavy, melodic and poppy all at the same time. Every song on Four Year Strong is an absolute banger. The band stands to reason with the fact that they’re not returning to their sound, just building off of it. “We All Float Down Here” and “Stolen Credit Card!” are excellent example of the band’s returned energy. These songs are definitely a good reintroduction to the progression of Four Year Strong.

The band has also revamped their goofy song titles and crazy album artwork. Songs like, “Wipe Yourself Off Man, You Dead” and “Here’s To Swimming With Bow-legged Women” have goofy titles, but as always, the band delivers solid tracks with catchy choruses and newer vibes for Four Year Strong. “Wipe Yourself Off Man, You Dead” goes into new territory for the band while still maintaining their sound. The song’s eerie intro riff definitely makes the song memorable and one of the best on the album.

There are some songs that are not as strong as others and while still following the core of the band’s sound. The rest of the album almost makes “Eating My Words” feel like filler.

The album’s general flow is great though. This is certainly an album for fans to enjoy as summer approaches. Whether its mixed with the rest of the band’s discography or just played on it’s own, the album is easy to listen to from beginning to end. Especially the epic closing on “The Sound of Your Heart” leading into “Go Down In History.” Just when you think the band is going to close the album, they lead it into a song from the eponymous 2014 EP seamlessly tying the album to a close.

Four Year Strong’s new album is certainly a contender for top 10 of 2015. The album hits a lot harder than expected and the heavy melodies the band creates are a great progression from the Easycore genre. With hard hitting riffs, plenty of sing a longs, and clever songwriting, don’t let this album slip past you this summer.