Victory Boy - Victory Boy [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Victory Boy

Victory Boy [7-inch] (2015)

self released

Victory Boy create a particularly interesting contrast on their debut 7-inch. Although the band rips along with the charge of early East Coast hardcore (think Minor Threat meets SSD) the vocals bare a trace of Off With their Heads graininess and experience. That is to say, there’s an interesting blend of wide-eyed punk zeal and experienced punk weariness. As the band progresses through the release, they become heavier and more raw, almost as if they are growing across the releases’ four tracks.

Opener track “Just Right” sounds like it was written at Discord house until the vaguely metallic breakdown in the middle jumps in. Likewise, “Skatopia” has a gnarly short metal solo. Deftly, the band is able to keep hardcore’s flighty energy and add the heavier metal stuff without bogging themselves down. Frankly it’s a trick that many, many bands have tried, but most fail to pull off. Victory Boy gets it.

But, while there is heavy use of the angry energy of classic hardcore the band is having a bit of fun with the lyrics. “Groundhog Day” has to be a Bill Murray reference. Even when the Metallica-style riff cuts in halfway through, the band is still having fun, balancing a tale of young-frustration with the inherent silliness of classic 90’s films.

Victory Boy are reportedly already working on their next release. Their debut LP shows that not only are they off to a great start, but they’re working towards something unique, which speaks volumes.