Flesh Wounds - In the Mouth [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Flesh Wounds

In the Mouth [EP] (2015)

SNOT Releases

Having flesh wounds in the mouth would be a horrifying and blood curdling ailment. Listing to Flesh Wounds’ EP In the Mouth, however, is nothing short of a delight. Offering up a potent mixture of Oblivians scuzz and Dead Boys sleaze, Flesh Wounds deliver six tracks of primo garage punk aggression.

It’s tough to accurately describe the simple, delicate (unknown?) pleasure of singing along to a song called “Joy Division Killed My Boner,” so I’m just going to ask you to give it a try yourself. Suffice it to say, the six songs here don't overthink themselves in any respect, clearly valuing fun over strained complication. Though, if listening to Closer has ever made you suffer an embarrassing sexual disappointment, then you might find a little more solace in the song than the rest of us. More power to you.

Though In the Mouth has it’s fair share of blustering aggression, the band slows things down a bit on “March of the Czars,” with the instrumental following a promenade pace and the vocals sounding a little like tour mate Mac McCaughan (the jury is still out on whether the EP is an On the Mouth reference). Highlight "Magazines" offers the best of both worlds, matching a hurried, maniacal pace with the EP's greatest hook. Moments like these make you step back and remember to keep an eye on these North Carolina natives.

Though the band has experimented with their sound a bit more on past releases, this set of tracks find them playing loose and limber with a typical garage punk energy. Flesh Wounds inject the songs with the right amount of playfulness to prevent them from sounding tired or lifeless. Do yourself a favor and put In the Mouth in your ears.