Tigers Jaw - Studio 4 Acoustic Session (Cover Artwork)
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Tigers Jaw

Studio 4 Acoustic Session (2015)

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Tigers Jaw is pretty legendary at this point. Even after losing more than half of their lineup, the band has managed to continue successfully even after a couple doubts they may have had. After Charmer was so well received last summer, and touring excessively, the band returns with a live acoustic record of fan favorites and some interesting covers and renditions. Studio 4 Acoustic Session is a fresh look at some of Tigers Jaw’s best songs in a new and fresher light. The album was recorded at Studio 4, the very place where all of Will Yip’s producing and recording happens.

First off, the session is extremely crisp sounding due to the infamous Will Yip recording the entire thing. Ben Walsh’s guitar is perfectly amplified to give the listener the feeling that they are actually there. Ben Walsh’s and Brianna Collins' vocals shine through as well, mixing extremely well with the guitar.

The band has really created an atmosphere on this session. The acoustics of the room really bring out the feeling of the sessions as Collins and Walsh blast through 13 songs in just a little over 35 minutes. The session is really relaxed, but it also goes by fairly quickly. The band even acknowledges their nervousness for playing acoustic and how overwhelming the response was. What bleeds out are some of the most honest and raw versions of Tigers Jaw classics like “Distress Signal” and “Never Saw It Coming.”

The band has always been able to transform their songs acoustically, but the recordings on here in particular are extremely important and well recorded. The band even gives an ode to a fallen friend with two Title Fight covers. The band’s renditions of these songs are truly unique stripped down versions that blend extremely well with their own songs.

What makes this record so great is the way it was captured by Will Yip. Yip has become the go to producer/recording engineer for a plethora of bands. Not only did he record the session, he is releasing it as well. Yip’s recording techniques stick out on this record, as Yip has become more involved with the writing process and producing bands in addition to recording them. In this case, we get to hear authentic Tigers jaw songs (some produced by Yip) and can focus on the sonic abilities Yip is capable of.

Between the somber energy that Tigers Jaw brought to these sessions and the way they were recorded truly makes Studio 4 Acoustic Session a treat for die hard fans. While the band has always does small acoustic sessions, Tigers Jaw really makes this one special. A collection of songs put together to showcase the ultimate acoustic experience that will draw listeners in and embody the sense that they are there.