Mad Trapper - Dead Living (Cover Artwork)

Mad Trapper

Dead Living (2015)

Sorrow Carrier Records

Maybe it's because I'm a little bit older now but somehow I must have missed the notice about some of the newer, local hardcore bands that seem to pop up like zits in the Greater Toronto Area a.k.a the 'GTA'.

Over the years you'd have bands like Rosesdead and Straight Reads The Line putting their tiny hometowns on the map that all seem to be overshadowed by either Toronto, Niagara or god forbid even Hamilton (I'm looking at you Ti-Cats...). As the years went on some of these bands broke up, formed new bands, started families and some have even come back for reunion tours which always seem to a hassle to keep up with because I keep missing them.

In comes Mad Trapper, a hardcore/metal/noise band that seems to carry on the torch of some of these long lost bands in my collection. They're heavy, clean and to the point with their chugging riffs, hoarse vocals and blast beat tracks that would make any true hardcore fan proud. Maybe a little too proud, I'm not sure- either way this is something you'd wanna blast when you're having a rough day and need to let loose before you explode on your boss.
With that in mind I'm sure their shows are quite the spectacle.

These guys have a full length entitled Dead Living with over 10 tracks of inside references to some seriously Canadian stuff so sorry to all you non-Ontarians out there but hey here's Ontario, there's more to it than just Toronto and Ottawa and it's pretty sweet, trust us.

Tracks like "Rat River" (a reference to a pretty insane Canadian Mystery of a man called the Mad Trapper) and "Takeover" are nothing short of head banging goodness that's bound to make you mosh and loose all your energy in the under 3 minutes of each song. Not bad, just be sure to not play it to your grandma. Unless she's cool of course.