The Hussy - Galore (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

The Hussy

Galore (2015)

Southpaw Records

The Hussy deliver an album of pure psych punk with Galore. It’s an album that gives the best of both worlds, all the things to love about psychedelic rock (tambourines, guitar distortion and the kind of sounds that make you think of tie-dye) with none of the garbage that makes the genre so difficult to listen to. The punk side of the album’s sound cuts down on the length of songs; there are no endless and indulgent solos. Instead, the Hussy get straight to the point with an attitude that can only be classified as punk.

The duo kicks off their fast-paced, 14-song album with “Asking For Too Much,” with an intro riff that serves as the album’s immediate hook. It’s a fast-paced, rocking track, setting the standard for Galore. The next song, “Take You Up,” proves that the band has more than one pace, slowing things down a bit while maintaining all the hooks and catchiness of the first song. If the refrain, a recitation of “I’ll take you up, I’ll take you up…” doesn’t end up lodged in your head, it’s unlikely anything will.

The album, with its various short songs, is an easy, enjoyable listen. psych punk straight from the garage, with rough and memorable vocals from both members of the duo, Bobby and Heather Hussy. Highlights of the album include the loud and rasping “EZ/PZ,” the heavier sounding “Made In The Shade," "Turning On You" with its danceable yet angry sounding beat, and the lengthier closing track (clocking in at 4:10), “My Bad.” The guitars are loud, the drumbeats are solid and infectious and the album, as a whole, is a fun one.

If you like garage rock and psychedelic rock but find the latter too hard to listen to because of its excesses, Galore is definitely the album for you. It’s a solid album, with plenty of memorable tunes, the kind that will remain enjoyable for more than a listen or two.