Mustard Plug - Yellow #5 (Cover Artwork)

Mustard Plug

Yellow #5 (2002)


"Fuck the trends we still love ska"

Sure thing, Mustard Plug. And for that, we're all glad. Because if you tried to drop the horn section and go Emo, like all those Highschool Ska bands did I'd laugh and laugh and laugh. Can you imagine? Think of it. They can't even play serious punk without the ska- part serving as an excuse. Just close your eyes and think of Dave trying to be screamo. I could do this for hours.

This, I think, is NOT the album to "save ska-punk" as they so boldly claim. No, it looks like those of us still harboring a love for ska-punk are gunna have to pray for something else. Anthem, anyone?

Even so, I really like this band. They write good tunes. And what else can you ask for? Yellow #5 is the latest Mustard-colored album from Mustard Plug.

Groundbreaking, it is not. But there's something to be said for bands that don't conform to meet the latest trends in music. Something indeed, but not much. What have they been doing sense '99 when Pray For Mojo came out? Certainly not anything that influenced their music in any way - this is Pray For Mojo which is Evildoers Beware. I might get some crap for saying that, but I don't really think Mustard Plug has written a distinctive album sense Big Daddy Multitude. There've been constantly a few songs that'd pull you in more then others - but other then that it's been a pretty even flow of songs you'll either like, or not.

This album starts pretty good with some catchy riffs and very listenable horn lines. Throughout, toe-tapping beats and head-nodding hooks do surface. Ska Verses. Punk Choruses. Moderate pace and.. ah... you know what? I'm having a really hard time with this. Maybe I've outgrown this style of music. Maybe there's just a limit to what you can do with it. Maybe it's not as mediocre as it sounds to me.

But to be honest with you, I think it is. I don't think I'm just bored and old and bitter (at 21, such a shame). This album just seems lacking in distinct qualities. I might end up with "Get It Goin On" stuck in my head. But I won't be proud of it, or admit it to anyone.

Eh. Please try again Mustard Plug.