No Problem - Kid Killer [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

No Problem

Kid Killer [7-inch] (2015)

Deranged Records

The cover of this 7" is a lot more informative than one would initially perceive at first glance. Of course there's the band's logo, with its stark white color and boilerplate 80s hardcore font. That should tell you everything, right? Well, simply put, no. Yes there's a discernible degree of influence from fellow Canadian's D.O.A. (and others of their ilk), but there are tinges of other genres as well. Armed with sharp post punk stabs, borderline gothic lyrics, and classic street punk shout-along momentum, No Problem find the common ground between several strands of punk and mix them together, much like the colors found on this EP's cover.

"The Killing Game" starts with a slow build, increasing tension with an eerie guitar line not far from something East Bay Ray would pump out during the Dead Kennedys' classic run. The song shifts momentum with ease and precision before it eventually evolves into an eruption topped with an anthemic shout. "Eyes of ISIS" stays a little closer to the classic hardcore formula, with the rumbling bass line acting as the rigid backbone in conjunction with the pounding drums.

"Never See the Sun" rides on the same post apocalyptic slant the Subhumans (UK) capitalized upon in the early 80s. The song displays an icy disposition that screams of desolation. Frankly it's a fantastic way to finish of the EP. No Problem are able to put forth an eclectic group of songs in a short amount of time, all the while sticking to a basic hardcore template. Many bands struggle to handle the weight of their influences, but No Problem are able to maintain a cohesive sound without sounding like a simple retread.