CalatrilloZ - Psalms of Zahyin (Cover Artwork)


Psalms of Zahyin (2015)


CalatrilloZ aren’t a band, they’re a “circus troupe of wanderers” who “gathered from the darkened fringes of time” -- or so their promo material would have you believe. Yes, there’s more than a touch of the theatrical to this hard-rock crossover act from London, something that’s showcased in spades in their debut release Psalms Of Zahyin.

Put simply, CalatrilloZ sound like what would happen if Jesus Christ Superstar spent an afternoon jamming with Metallica. Frontman Zahyin’s operatic vocals soar acrobatically over tight and relentless heavy metal arrangements, dueling with chugging guitars and big, noisy drums. In fact, in many ways the band are trying to do for metal what Queen did for pop-rock -- drag it kicking and screaming into the West End.

Beyond the pomp and circumstance, Psalms Of Zahyin is a very accomplished record. CalatrilloZ achieve that rare feat of being heavy and sophisticated at the same time, on tracks like “Origins” with its constantly shifting grooves and “Lords of Misery” with its thundering, overture-like intro. “The Long Winding Road” (don’t get too excited - not a heavy metal Beatles cover) slow-builds into a pseudo-Latino orgy of dual guitars, while “Z The Psychopath” is the fast-moving, shred-tastic tale of a serial killer (presumably the assumed character of the lead singer, the eponymous Zahyin).

“Puppets are made to be commanded,” reads the band’s biography, “and should the marionettes find themselves without a master, the demonic forces trapped within them will once again be awaked”. So, y’know… be afraid. Be very afraid.