Bangs - Call and Response (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Call and Response (2002)

Kill Rock Stars

The Bangs have talent that much is undeniable; the real question is where their talent lies. Their new EP, Call and Response has six quick songs clocking in at less than 17 minutes. Packed with catchy riffs and clever lyrics, this CD deserves a listen.

The problem with the catchy riffs is that they all blend together. Four of the six songs sound remarkably similar and remarkably like The Donnas. The similarities end up distracting from the obvious gift that this band has. While it'd be nice to be able to overlook the repetitive sound, it simply can't be done. "Call and Response," "New Scars," "I Want More," and "Leave it Behind" could all be one continuous song. At times I didn't even realize a new song had started until I looked at the stereo to see the track number. This isn't to say that the album is a complete waste of time. In reality, the opposite is true. Tracks three and six, "Kinda Good" and "Dirty Knives" are mind-blowing. Lyrically, this album stands out amazingly beyond any other recent releases. "Kinda Good" is the type of song that makes a person feel inadequate to the point where you want to curl up and cry with lyrics like "All the girls they fell for you and I never understood; now I know just how they felt kinda good." The title track conveys a message any girl can relate to, the inability to walk down the street without having people degrading them in one way or another. Each of the songs contains excellent lyrics that are catchy and purposeful at the same time.

All in all, this EP is so lyrically sound that it's a shame the unanimity of a majority of the tracks overshadows the talent that the Bangs possess.