The Transplants - The Transplants (Cover Artwork)

The Transplants

The Transplants (2002)


I would have to say that when I first picked up this The Transplants I really had no idea what to expect. I refused to dismiss this side-project solely based on the fact that Tim Armstrong is the best at what he does. Also, Travis Barker is pretty good for a drummer; it's hard to deny it. All I had heard was "Tall Cans in the Air", and although I didn't like that song, its infectious beat and somewhat ridiculous lyrics grew onto me. But that was only one song. I had heard many people talking about how the CD was completely different from "Tall Cans in the Air". Those people were right.

The Transplants kicks off it off in "Romper Stomper" with a completely different sound than the afore mentioned song. Its heavy, it is somewhat fast, and it sounds great. There is a hint of Rancid's black album, and it is just enough. Hearing Rob Aston screaming is great, although I wish it was Tim's trademark slurring instead.

I love how everyone characterized The Transplants completely off of "Tall Cans in the Air". I can't blame them, I did to. I mean, why would we think that they would play anything different. I also, like many people, was dreading what this CD would be if it were all in the style of this song. It grew on me, in a guilty pleasure sort of way (damn those guilty pleasures).

By far, the greatest song on the album is "Quick Death", the one with Davey Havok. Now, I am not just saying this because it is Davey Havok, it is because the song is awesome, hands down. Hearing Davey Havok screaming along side some crazy drum beats is so ingenious (if only AFI would do that). "One Seventeen" is also great because Tim Armstrong sings and it is fast and hard.

In the end, The Transplants is something you have to appreciate just because it cannot be classified under just one genre. Every song is something different and something cool. Unfortunately, the punk elitists out there will refuse to listen to it because of what it is. I suggest everyone to at least give a good listen to it, because it is fresh, new sound, and it shows what a creative genius Tim Armstrong is. In the end, I cannot give it the full ten because Tim Armstrong really needs to sing more. Other than that, a fantastic way to spend money.