VCR - 3D [EP] (Cover Artwork)


3D [EP] (2015)


Toronto's VCR (not to be confused with the now-defunct Richmond band) create hyperactive garage punk with a healthy dose of synthesizer bounce, coming off as a sort of ADHD-ridden Devo. The high vocals are halfway between Jello Biafra's indulgent vibrato and Darby Crash's snotty stutter. This is active, elastic music; the aural equivalent of bubblegum with cookie crumbs stuck in it. It's crunchy and stretchy with a sticky sweetness that can be overbearing or charming, depending on your mood.

The band stays playful throughout this short EP, building off the maniac momentum of last year's Greatest Hits. Unfortunately, the band doesn't mix their sound up enough, often devolving into brightly colored filler. The cowbell aided "Scream Again" flutters by at a frantic pace while "Shut Up" meanders and runs purely on fumes towards the end (despite being a relatively short two minutes). Their cover of The Who's "Boris the Spider" is short and entertaining, but it straddles the line between pith and filler. The EP makes use of sound effects to add another sonic layer to their busy sound, but it's a thin layer that doesn't do much but add to the clutter. This is not to imply the EP lacks in charm. Standout tracks like "Bad News" and "Murder City Laws" are cheeky fun with the right amount of pent up whimsy. They make the sound of dumping out the junk drawer in Pee Wee's Playhouse.

The vibrant, nostalgic and blindingly colorful cover is as apt as a descriptor this EP's going to get. This music is the soundtrack for a summer filled with energy draining antics and sensory overloads. Put it on, turn it up, and don't forget to enjoy it as it whizzes by.

Check the EP out here.