Filmmaker - An Invitation to an Accident (Cover Artwork)


An Invitation to an Accident (2002)



I'd never heard of this band until about two and a half weeks ago. For those of you who don't know, this band reigns from Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada, and quite frankly, I haven't heard anything this good in a LONG time.

Some would call them emo, comparing them to old Jimmy Eat World and Jawbreaker; others would call them post-punk with Saves the Day influences. I call them quality musicians, plain and simple. Incredible (relatable) lyrics, amazing vocals, and guitar and drums wind themselves together to recreate some all-too familiar feelings you thought you'd long grew out of. With too many brilliant verses to count, every time you think you found that one verse that knocks you out, it's followed up by something bigger, better, and more emotional.

"it's hard to get a good nights rest with this pile of bones beneath my bed / all the skeletons that wouldn't fit in my closet"
Their current radio song (Breathing Room), is the first song on the album, and has potential to wash out the current generic pop-punk competition.

The single and solitary complaint I have about the album is the track order. An album with as much lyrical and rhythmical intensity as this one has would have been better off putting track 4 (Goodnight Suicide) towards the end. It's the slowest song on the album, and doesn't fit well in between two rather upbeat intense ones.

Hop on over to and grab some samples, you won't be disappointed. One can only hope for US tour dates in the near future.