Mystic Inane - Ode to Joy [EP] (Cover Artwork)

Mystic Inane

Ode to Joy [EP] (2015)

Negative Jazz

Mystic Inane are a difficult group to precisely pin down. They sound like they just roll out of bed and play whatever punk sub-genre they happen to stumble into. Last Year's Deep Creep started with a sticky and slimy aura, sounding like a punk 45 slathered in expired molasses. Yet, the B-side rocketed forth with garage indebted post punk efficiency, burning out bright and fast with unmitigated abandon. So those approaching Ode to Joy have the right to feel apprehensive and proceed with caution.

"Ode to Joy" takes the snide attitude of The Replacements naming an album Let it Be and blows it up with ten tons of dynamite. Those expecting a Beethoven cover will rightly be reprimanded with 3 minutes of proto punk scuzz. "Pervert in Society" is a straight up punk rager, with the vocalist stuffing the melody with too many words and the drummer rolling into oblivion. It would be easy to compare the music to early Saccharine Trust (the vocals are especially reminiscent of Jack Brewer's voice circa Paganicons), but Mystic Inane take a more learned approach to their music, treating the band as a starting point rather than a strict reference point.

"Grease Inna Hair" is the iciest and best offering here. The song is a truly a prickly beast, with guitars that will climb up your spine and bass that will rattle your innards. This EP absolutely begs for descriptive adjectives, as it goes from sticky to muddy to raw in under 8 minutes. While approaching Ode to Joy with caution is one way to go about it, I'd suggest simply diving in head first.