Earth Girls - Someone I'd Like To Know [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Earth Girls

Someone I'd Like To Know [7-inch] (2015)

Dirt Cult Records

Earth Girls play infectious, clean power pop-punk with a mix of the friendliness and surfiness of the Go-Go's and the sing-songiness of Bikini Kill and Ramonescore '90s bands. There's a polish and an ease here that works well -- these guys play well, they aren't sloppy and they mesh and cohere together in a way that genuinely pays off. If they have garage punk allegiances they're the kind of punks that stayed in the garage but still learned how to use their instruments.

"Room To Breathe" is the best and longest song on the album, with a surprising Beatles quality to the melody and a great breakdown at the end that is unexpected yet makes total and utter sense. It's so good though that it does showcase that the 7-inch is a little similar in sound and feeling -- it's only four songs though and they're all fun, fast and poppy. "Someone I'd Like To Know" is a nice little power-pop song with great harmonies and witty lyrics: "You insist on finishing my lines/At least get them right." Liz Panella's vocals are high and a little hard to decipher but the songs are surprisingly venomous and thought-out.

If Earth Girls aren't the best pop-punk band ever they're still fun and deeply tuneful. If you like good melodies wrapped up around a strong, tight band give it a shot. They know how to play music that would get Joey Ramone and Belinda Carisle dancing.